Best Places In MIlan

Best Places To Visit In Milan

Milan is a beautiful place of Italy. It is a metropolis city. Milan is the city of amusement. It is the city of fashion and world class design. This place has got the height of popularity because of its gothic beauty. Make a complete checklist for your Milan Tour. It is fun; it is historic, and it’s all about fashion. Here are some famous places of Milan to explore.

Walk Through Culture, The Last Supper

Milano Piazza  Duomo e Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

The Last Supper, a great art of Leonardo the Vinci, is the most popular attraction of Milan. This picture has a divine value. So getting the tickets for the Prada fashion show is so very tough. A refectory hallowed show with fifteen minutes of duration can give you a heavenly experience. This painting is all about Jesus and his last journey towards the eternal world. It has a great mythological value and with the modern light and technique, you can visualize the complete incident, this makes the place more special.

Duomo De Milano

This is a great cathedral with stunning architecture. It is the amazing edifice of Milan and has a great tourist attraction. From the rooftop of the edifice, you can experience a complete wide look of Milan. It looks like a beautiful wedding cake. This 500 years old cathedral is highly precious for a beautiful interior and color arrangement of the Candogila marble.

Chiesa Di San Maurizio Al Monastero Maggiore

This place is another eye opener of art. Milan is a place of art. The frescos and the paintings are beyond the expectation. There are also many art galleries to explore the world-class art from the best ever artists.

Teatro Alla Scala


This is a world class opera house with an extraordinary interior and the gilded balconies with red velvet. You can enjoy here the high-class belle performance with a classic music. In your Milan trip, do not forget to enjoy the opera at TeatroAllaScala. It is a lifetime experience.

Tram Ride

Milan is the city for fun and amusement. The classic orange and yellow trams can give you a nostalgic feeling. These trams have brought the history of 1920 with its new version, It has a complete vintage look. Seats with the varnished wood and the lampshades with fluted glass have added an extra classic look to the trams.  The city has its modern versions of the tram, but it also maintains the original taste of the original versions of the trams. You can book your ride and enjoy a vintage tram journey with a marvelous dinner and fine quality wine.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

It is the perfect shopping destination of Milan. If you are in Milan and cannot enjoy the shopping here, it will make your journey super flop. This is the most glamorous shopping destination with a classy outlook. A fantastic interior and exterior make the place world’s best shopping mall. Here you may find the first ever Prada Store of the world.

Milan is a complete city with a perfect blend of tradition and trend. So explore the city and gain a lifetime experience.

Best Places In Europe

Best Family Vacation Spot In Europe

Europe is the classic place to explore. When you are on the trip with your family, you will always search for a place with a budget friendly hotels and places, which are designed for the amusement for your kids. In Europe, you will find many cities with various enjoyable packages for your family. Many big cities of Europe may offer you the scenic beauty with some fun activities like the Zoo and museum.


London is a complete family city with many fun activities. Here you may find a fantastic zoo with many wild animals. London is the cultural place it has some big architectures building and extraordinary architecture to enhance your memory. It is the royal place with a high traditional culture. You can walk from end to end history here, which can make your family tour more memorable. Thames river and the bridge over the river and the wild animals in the zoo has made the place perfect for a family trip. Many cultural museums are present here to give your children an educational experience. St. Paul’s Cathedral and the royal Buckingham palace are a proper destination for your family. London is the Capital of England, so it is very much rich in education and politics too.

Family with suitcases passing by fountain in tourist resort


Rome, the capital of Italy, is famed for The Vatican museum. St Peter Basilica is another gothic and historic place of Rome to make your trip more memorable with your family. It is the city of seven hills and the beautiful fountain. It is very much famous for its various kinds of foods. When you are on a family trip, food is a matter for you the most. In every lane and every road of Rome, you will find the tastier foods to enhance your taste buds.  This place has a divine value, so this place is perfect for a family trip.


When you are on a family trip, you always want a place which can attract your little one. Prague is the fairy tale country, a perfect place your child. Beautiful Gothic Architectural cathedral and castle and gorgeous greenery have given the place a heavenly look. If you have a keen interest in music and the ancient culture, this place is the perfect choice for you.


It is another fabulous place of Europe to visit with your family. The pictorial view of the city has made the city more awesome. This place is also famous for its awesome foods and highly decorative scenario.


Athens has a most historical value. The national archeological Museum can teach you the history of our ruined culture.

The most important matter about the place is, these places are very much adequate with the basic needed of a family tour. Trip and tourist cars are very much available here for a hassle free journey. Hotels are also very much affordable here for staying. So in one word these places are just awesome for a family trip. Every kind of fun and amusement is present here under the packaging of beautiful nature and a divine touch of history.

Best Places In Europe

Best Places To Visit In Europe

Europe is the other name of heaven. It is god’s creation. It is the fairy tale lonely planet with the classic beauty. Once you start to explore the mesmerizing country, you will cherish and amplify by the every corner of Europe. This country is completely enhancing by some extraordinary castle, which you find in the fairy tale, Mediterranean sunset, and some pictorial cities. Nature is here with all its beauties. There are many beautiful places in Europe to enhance your cravenness for natural beauty.  It is the phenomenal country in the lap of nature. Here you may find a little bit of idea about the awesome places of Europe.


Take a voyage to the history here. It is a beautiful place, which is surrounded by some gothic palaces and the most special part of Venice is the great canal, and it’s romantic and adventures gondola rides. The Rialto Bridge over the canal is another world class place of Venice. This place will greet you with a chilling weather. It is the capital of Veneto region of northern Italy.


Rome is the capital of Italy. It is famous for its Vatican museum. St Peter Basilica is another gothic and historic place of Rome. Rome is very colorful city and has a special treatment for the food lovers, and it is the city of seven hills and the beautiful fountain.


Paris is the city of style and fashion, and it is also the city of Eiffel Tower. Here you may find the world greatest Louvre Museum where you may find the picture of Monalisa the great art of Leonardo the Vinci. It is also the world’s best shopping destination for the shopping lovers. This is the city of art and culture; this is the city of Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh. Various monuments and castles give the place a new dimension.


London is the royal place of the world. You can walk through the history here. Thames river and the bridge over the river has made the place awesome. It is the sophisticated place for the royal people. The Victorian turreted iconic bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the royal Buckingham palace has made the place most classic. London is the Capital of England. This place is also famous for the most famous universities and colleges of the world. Many students from all over the country have come here for a world class education.


Florence is another pictorial place of Europe. When you are on your Europe tour, do not forget to explore the beauty of Florence. It is a pictorial country which is surrounded by beautiful hills. Mouth watering foods and stunning architecture have made the country more precious.


Prague is the fairy tale country. Gothic Architecture and beautiful greenery is the plus point of the place. When you step into the place, you will experience a breathtaking beauty of the city. This city is famous for its love for music.

This is not the list end. With your every step of exploring you will find many beautiful places here. Austria and Amsterdam are another eye soothing places of Europe with a basket of beauty. Still worried where to go? Ryanair contact number can sort your problem out.